​Programming your servos has never been easier… or so affordable. The HFP-30 Digital Servo Field Programmer and Tester. With its lightweight, streamlined case is a must have for all hobbyists looking to program Hitec's HS-5XX and HS-7XXX series of servos. The easy to read LCD screen and both manual and automatic testing capabilities make this programmer the best ever.

Digital Servo Programming Features (for Hitec Digital Servos)
For BLDC / D-Series servos:
- Servo Speed
- Direction of Rotation
- Dead Band Width
- Fail Safe & Position Program (Neutral / Left / Right)
For HS-7000 Series G2 Servos:
- Overload Protection
- Resolution Mode Select
For HS-5000 Digital Micro Servos:
- Overload Protection

Servo Tester Features
(for Any Brand of Servos)
- Manual and Automatic Test
- Receiver Pulse Width
# 116001