The GHOST-E 1.1M is a High Performance ARF Competition Hand Launch Electro-Glider.
We built the GHOST with Hollow Molded Technology and using most advanced composite materials (glass, carbon, Kevlar, Herex all bonded with industry grade epoxies). The GHOST is very high quality model and is Almost Ready to Fly. Its tall-less design represents original and very modern construction. The one piece wing use modified EH 1 .OJSairfoil, and is integrated with fuselage. This extremely aerodynamic design provides the glider with superb glide characteristics and very wide range of speeds. The fuselage pod features: removable canopy for rapid access to the radio gear and ballast weight if used.
The removable vertical stabilizer allows storage and transport flexibility.
Kit contains: model, plans, step by step instructions, and all necessary hardware.

Wing span
Glider weight
Wing area
Wing airfoil
1100 mm / 43.3 in.
560 mm / 22.1 in.
325 g / 11.4 oz.
18 dm2 / 270 sq. in.
EH 1.0/9 modified
Servos (micro)

4+ ch.
4+ ch.
2 ea. (HS-81 - Hitec)
e.g. Himax A 2825-2700
54A (for Himax)
APC 5,5" x 4,5" (for Himax)
3S 11.1V 2200mAh - 3300mAh
Ghost 1.1M
# 0095