The JK.Thermic is a high quality model and an incredible thermal performer in light lift conditions. It represents original and modern construction; it has won many national titles in Europe. JK.Thermic has double tapered wings with built-in washout for tip-stall resistant flight characteristics and lower drag. Its high aspect wing, airfoil (a three-way modified HN1033) transitions from root to tip for optimum L/D with minimum sink rate provides the glider with a wide range of speed. The wings are precision cut from virgin white polystyrene foam. The black poplar veneer is bonded to the foam with aircraft industry grade epoxy in high pressure mold for perfect airfoil fidelity and warp-free wing. The fuselage is made from pre-painted, molded, epoxy fiberglass, and its tapered tail boom is made of carbon fiber composite. Removable nose cone is very protective of delicate electronics, structurally strong and very durable designs.
The stabilizers are made from lightweight balsa, finish sanded, and pre-hinged. Kit contains: model, plans, step by step instructions, and all necessary hardware.

Wing span
Wing area
Glider weigh
Wing airfoil
2500 mm / 98.4 in.
~1160 mm / 45.7 in.
39.1 dm / 606.1
476 g / 16.7 oz.
Ailerons servos

Neutron-6, RX700
HS-65HB, HS-65MG
HS-45HB or HS-65HB
750 mAh NiMH
JK.Thermic 2.5M
# 0070

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